Are my photos and data private?


Your photos are encrypted on your device. By default iCloud will be enabled for Progress and your photos will be synced to Apple's servers. Your photos are encrypted in transit and at rest, which is to say that no one at Progress or Apple can ever view your photos. 

Even if there was a data breach at Apple your photos would be unreadable. 

You can turn off iCloud for Progress in your iCloud settings to keep your photos on your device only, but we recommend that you leave it on so you keep your data if you lose your device or get a new one.

Apple Health & Your Measurement Data

When it comes to Apple Health, when you install Progress it will prompt you to give it permission to read from and write to Apple Health in order to enable the sync. 

If you enter your weight into Apple Health (for example, via another app) then Apple Health will share it with Progress when you make an entry, and vice versa.You can read more about the Apple Health integration here. This data is kept safe on your device, and, if enabled, synced to iCloud. We do not store

Progress does not have access to it. 

Extra Security

Additionally, or extra security you can set a passcode or FaceID in Me > Security if other people have access to your device. 

Read our full Privacy Policy.

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