What is water percentage?

Your water percentage is the amount of water in your body, expressed as a percentage of your total weight. You can read a more in-depth explanation here.

Why track it?

Water in the body is what keeps us alive - your blood is 95% water, your brain and heart are 73% water, and your lungs are 83% water! Hydration is essential, and measuring your water percentage can help you understand more about your overall health. A healthy range for women is between 45% and 60%, while for men it’s between 50% and 65%.

How is it measured?

The most accurate way to measure your water percentage is by having your samples analysed by a doctor. You can however get a reliable estimate by using a smart scale, or by using an online body water calculator that uses the Watson Formula, such as this one.

Our Opinion

If you know you want to track water percentage we certainly aren’t going to stop you, but it’s our opinion that you don’t need to track this unless your doctor recommended it.

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